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MaTontine FIaaS Platform


Technology service provider

Nigeria, Senegal, The Gambia, USA

MaTontine’s Financial Inclusion as a Service Platform (FIaaS) is a decentralized financial services platform used by a broad range of partners in the financial inclusion industry,– including microfinance institutions (MFIs), insurance companies, mobile money providers, non-governmental organizations  (NGOs),  women’s groups, savings groups, and rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs).


The main functionalities and utilities of MaTontine FIaaS include:

  • Financial inclusion strategy development – theory of change, customer acquisition, marketing and communications, technology, operations, and community mobilization.
  • Product design – human-centered design tailored to partners’ target customers, to ensure that appropriate products are developed taking into account cultural, literacy, regulatory, technological, and infrastructural barriers.
  • Digital financial and non-financial services – services integration, member and group management, banking and partner integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning, mobile money payments, savings, credit, payouts, and financial education
  • Credit scoring – customizable credit scoring algorithm that enables partners to capture unique data points. Credit profiles can be integrated into the partners’ existing credit risk analysis and management processes to create a digital lending file.
  • Digital identity – creation of digital identities using the MaTontine enrollment application, based on Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, which includes photo, proof of address, national identification (ID) number, and biometric fingerprint
  • Digital signature – creation of digital signature at enrollment, which can be used in formal documents and applications
  • Biometric identification – authentication of an individual based on iris or fingerprint, increasing security
  • Data analytics – monitoring, reporting, and dashboard, and artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain insights into individual and group behavior
  • Supporting software – MaTontine mobile application and enrollment mobile application.


In Senegal and The Gambia, MaTontine has established an ecosystem of partners (including MFIs, insurance companies, and mobile money providers) to deliver digital financial services to savings group members.

MaTontine’s approach is based on the concept of phygital. While the platform is a digital solution, the business model involves organizational adjustments to ensure physical presence and strategy to enroll, manage, and support targeted communities, groups, and individuals.

The platform — and its different applications — are built,  managed,  and deployed through Microsoft Azure, enabling MaTontine to easily scale its capacities on demand. With Microsoft data centers around the world, the use of Azure also ensures the highest level of customer service,  data security, disaster recovery, and contingency planning.

Over the next three years,  MaTontine is looking to expand its regional partnerships, product portfolio, and geographic coverage in francophone Africa.

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