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Cyclos for Savings Groups


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Cyclos is an award-winning payment and banking software. The mobile banking solution makes it easier to manage money and financial services through an integrated digital account, at minimal cost and with limited hardware or network requirements.

The platform supports large-scale digital payment systems with over a million users across most countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America (more than 30 languages available which can be further customized for local dialects). Cyclos was developed to deliver high security,  flexibility,  scalability,  and quality of service.


Cyclos for Savings Groups, a service provided by Cyclos, offers a complete banking solution for digital savings groups. Features include:

  • Member administration
  • Meeting attendance
  • Cash and bank account administration
  • Savings
  • Loans
  • Social fund administration
  • Income and expenses
  • Performance measurement and reports.

Each group requires only one smartphone or tablet. The application is fully featured and available for Android and iOS. Created in PhoneGap, it can be released on any platform.

The user experience is carefully designed to engage each member in all group processes. Members can track their personal financial records,    receive notifications,  and access information at any time, even from a basic feature phone with KaiOS, SMS or USSD. Members with smartphones can access more detailed financial data and benefit from more features.

The platform’s configuration settings are designed to operate in diverse and extreme conditions, and robust security and data privacy policies protect users. Data is never shared or sold to third parties.


More advanced features include:

  • Cashless – integrate the application with digital money platforms or financial institutions
  • Communication – communicate insights, deliver training, and connect with groups and members
  • Financial deepening – generate credit scores and access third-party loans.

Institutional users have access to an administrative dashboard — via the web or the application — for group  monitoring,  and  remain  connected  to  field operations and devices in real time.


Cyclos for Savings Groups is fully supported by MONEI—a global network of mobile payment solutions, including branding, methodology, local language, and privacy settings. MONEI helps customize the platform to the policies, priorities and contexts of institutional users and local markets, assisting organizations with local support, training, and help desks for field agents.

As of the end of 2021, Cyclos for Savings Groups was active  in  more  than  4,000  communities,  with  over 150,000  users.  Cyclos recognizes  the  importance  of local support and contextualization. They continue to invest in their local presence worldwide. Over the next few    years,    Cyclos    is    prioritizing    partnership development and expansion in Latin America in particular.

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