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Chomoka - CARE USA

Social enterprise, nongovernmental organization (NGO)


About Chomoka

Powered by CARE, Chomoka is a full-suite, digital management system tailored for Village Savings and Loan Associations. An intensive human-centered design process has kept the savings group members’ needs at the core of the Chomoka platform, resulting in an application that is user-friendly and an interface simple enough for even first-time smartphone users to master.


Chomoka is designed to work even in the most remote areas and for savings groups with limited ability or willingness to pay for data. The application automatically synchronizes data to Chomoka’s servers via the internet or, if no connection is detected, through a unique SMS function that operates invisibly in the background. After configuring Chomoka to the group’s constitution, all meeting transactions and calculations are guided by the application. At the end of each cycle, share-out calculations are performed automatically to ensure transparent and fair distribution of profits.

Complementary to the Chomoka Android application, the Chomoka Web Portal permits real-time monitoring of group activities and behavior, as well as analytics on group performance. The web portal provides facilitating agencies and their partners easy visibility into group activities without the traditional costs of monitoring.

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Digital recordkeeping

Chomoka guides groups to enter each transaction into the application, creating a digital record of each member’s behavior and financial balances. This empowers members with a digital identity and credit history.

Configurable calculations

Automated calculations streamline meetings, supporting users through loan disbursements and repayments, and all other regular savings groups transactions. Group share-out distributions and all contributions are calculated as per the group’s selections upon set up, and clearly displayed to ensure transparency throughout.

Works offline & online

Built to operate without a data bundle or internet, Chomoka’s simple user interface combines with simple technology to automatically back up records at the end of each meeting. When an internet connection is detected, Chomoka automatically ensures all features are up-to-date.


Users can view products and services tailored to savings groups and their members. The marketplace enables product comparison and engagement with providers of financial services, agriculture inputs, health insurance and more, leveraging the data users have already entered in Chomoka.

Photo Courtesy of Chomoka


Chomoka was launched in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda in February 2022, with local language capability in each country. Chomoka is in continuous development, with additional functionalities — such as mobile money integration, financial services linkages, and a fully digital marketplace — coming soon.

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